I am a graphic artist rooted in New York City, also serving as an Associate Professor in Graphic Design at New York Institute of Technology for over 18 years. I have been committed to motivating and empowering students to unlock their utmost potential in Visual Communication and Creative Messaging. I aim to foster students' creativity and inspire them to conceive solutions that surpass boundaries, effectively conveying impactful messages across varied audiences and platforms.

Before my teaching career, I held the position of Senior Designer at Ernst & Young. In this role, I crafted artistic elements for business proposals, brochures, and corporate event invitations, collaborating with esteemed clients such as CBS, General Electric, IBM, SUNY University Hospital, and MaxMara. Continuing my freelance graphic design endeavors for diverse clients, I hold a profound sense of pride and fulfillment in my pro-bono design contributions to the American Cancer Society in New York City.

My work has garnered recognition through multiple awards, including an accolade for Outstanding Design for a Corporate Publication at the 58th Annual Graphics Arts Exhibition. I am a two-time recipient of the In-house Design Award from Graphic Design USA, acknowledging my print designs for the American Cancer Society. My art and design contributions have been featured in numerous print and online publications.

I hold a deep passion for the upcycling initiative. In my book, "Art Without Waste: 500 Upcycle & Earth-Friendly Designs" published by Rockport Publisher (ISBN: 9781631590313), I spotlight cutting-edge designers, illustrators, and artists worldwide. Their creations embody eco-friendly practices like upcycling, where sustainability serves as a pivotal element in their work. 

I pursued my M.F.A. in Computer Graphics at Pratt Institute, NY, following my B.F.A. at the School of Visual & Performing Arts, Syracuse University, NY.